How to Care for Someone with Arthritis

It can be a challenge to look after someone who suffers from arthritis. The challenge is to balance between giving the person the right support and motivation and giving them the independence that they want and are capable of. The hardest part is knowing when to give your support and when stand back and allow them to be independent.

Chinese Mother Gives Birth to 13lbs 10oz Baby

A chinese women has given birth to a huge baby weighing 13lbs 10oz. The baby actually weighs more than 6 bags of sugar. The mother who is 27 years old suspects that her diet rich in milk, eggs and fruit may have led her to the birth of such a large baby. 

More than 430,000 Children are driven in smoky cars

The British Lung Foundation Charity says that more than 430,000 children aged 11-15 are exposed to second hand smoke in their family cars at least once a week. The figures come as the House of Lords prepares to debate whether to ban smoking in cars where children are present. 

Nursery Tooth-brushing Saves £6m in Dental Costs

According to a new study a scheme to encourage nursery children to brush their teeth has saved more than £6m in dental costs. Childmile involves staff at all Scottish nursery to offer free supervised tooth brushing every day. Glasgow researchers found that the scheme had reduced costs by half between the years 2001 and 2010. The scheme emphasis the importances of brushing your teeth from a young. Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said: “This is an amazing achievement and shows just how much can be saved from a very simple health intervention. “This has seen less tooth decay in children which means less toothache, fewer ...

Children with Routine bed time are less Likely to Misbehave

Research shows that children who do not have a set pattern are more likely to misbehave and be disturbed. According to research children who are put to bed at the same time each day are less likely to misbehave. The children that do not have a set sleeping time are more likely to demonstrate symptoms similar to jet lag including emotional difficulties and hyperactivity.

Almost 80,000 Children in the UK Suffering From Depression

According to health experts the number of children suffering from depression is on the rise. The new NHS guidelines say that children as young as five are showing signs of depression and that almost 80,000 children in the UK are living with the illness. Experts suggest the factors that lead to this depression in children include cyber bullying, and the break down of the family unit. The new guidelines suggest children showing signs of depression should be correctly diagnosed and offered more support. The figures suggest that more than 8,000 children under the age of ten suffer from depression. Dr Gemma Trainor, a nurse consultant ...

Deadly Ecstasy linked to Emma Speed and Rachel Clayton deaths

  Both Rachel and Emma were found dead in a house on Crompton road in Macclesfield on 7 April and now Cheshire police say that their deaths may be related to some bad ecstasy that the two had taken. Toxicology results found that both women had taken paramethoxyamphetamine which is also known as pink ecstasy. The results mean that the police have warned drug users that they should avoid taking the ecstasy. The pills which are also known as ‘Dr Death’ and ‘Pink McDonalds’ can be identified with an M stamped on them. A spokeswoman said: “That although it resembled ecstasy, it is actually an ...

Professor Sir Robert Edwards Dies Aged 87

The worlds first ever test tube baby Creator has died at a respectable age of 87. The man responsible for the first ever IVF birth Professor Sir Robert Edwards was knighted in 2011 for his work. The first ever test tube baby Louise Brown who the professors first creation said : “I have always regarded Robert Edwards as like a grandfather to me. “His work, along with Patrick Steptoe, has brought happiness and joy to millions of people all over the world by enabling them to have children. “I am glad that he lived long enough to be recognised with a Nobel prize for his work, ...

New Weight Loss Operations Proposal in Cardiff and Vale

  If the proposal is accepted by the Welsh health board obese people will have to complete a weight loss program before they can go ahead with operations. Also the Cardiff and Vale University have requested that if accepted smokers should go on a similar program before they can have any operations. It is thought that the board would have cut costs by £90 million had they began the proposal at the start of the year and would have broke even. If the proposal was to go ahead it is thought that they could save between £41,941 to £437,650 a year by allowing this. Andrew ...

Shaving and Waxing could be one reason behind STI Warts

French experts say that shaving the pubic area can cause micro-trauma to the skin which increases the chances of a pox virus called Molluscum contagiosum. The virus causes water warts, which are small pink bubbles which can break out over the body. The virus can be spread by skin to skin contact thus sexual activity making the virus very likely to spread to the partner and over the last decade the virus has been on the rise. The French Experts wanted to know if the virus was related to any pubic hair removal so they visited a private skin clinic in nice and and identified ...