1 in 3 patients wait over an hour in A&E UK


A new report shows that 1 in 3 patients are waiting more than hour to be seen to. With 1 in 10 having to wait over 2 and 3 hours and some even 4 hours.

The problem comes about as staff cannot deal with the high volumes of patients coming into the A&E department.

The Care Quality Commission report also found that a quarter of the patients do not trust their doctor or nurse treating them. A further 1 in 20 argued that the hospitals weren’t very hygienic and 12 percent say that the toilets are not very clean.

Dr Peter Carter, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, said: ‘These findings are symptomatic of a system under huge strain because of a lack of beds and staff.

‘People should not be waiting an unreasonable time to be admitted and treated but, when the country’s health care needs are increasing and already over-stretched hospitals are losing resources, it is sadly inevitable that waiting times will increase.’


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