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Sudan getting new healthcare project from china

China Foundation for poverty alleviation and Sudanese charity organization BTO on Wednesday has announced a new healthcare network for the infants. There was a big ceremony with the great news which was held that the Sudanese ministry of health.
The Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Luo Xiaoguang, for his part, said that “we say again that China will continue in supporting Sudan in all fields. This is an optimistic and important step for persistence of cooperation between the Sudanese and Chinese organizations, namely at the health and medical fields.”
China-Sudan maternity and infant healthcare hospital at

Best charity album yet

Top giants of the modern music industry have been working together to get a new charity album rolling, one song that one the song is Rhythms Del Mundo which was made when India was hit by tsunami in 2004.
The album this year is to make awareness of disaster relief and climate change, this is something ot look forward to in my opinion its good that major artist are coming together for charity  and doing something they love and know people will buy and support. Music is a the key to charity everyone loves it and is a big money sector.
Here …


New project to improve birth registration
The EU has come up with new Project that will help 8 selected countries in Africa, pacific regions, Asian and Solomon islands. This is from UNICEF and European commission in simple form that the project seeks to address the under registration of births.
They bring this out they saw a statement saying that more than half of children that are under the age of 5 are not registered, but what made them stand up is that those who remain ‘off the records’ are left perpetually more vulnerable to a host of abuses – including child marriage …

UK Charity set to Send out Dentists to Africa

The charity Bridge2Aid are set to send out dentists and will start their work in Rwanda where there are only 11 Qualified dentists.
The British dentists have already relieved hundreds from tooth ache and many other problems. They are now taking their expertise to central Africa where they have struggled to find hardly any dentists.
Not only are they helping those who are suffering from toothaches but they are providing training to people so that when they eventually leave the country they would have left  it knowing that people can still be treated for their teeth problems.