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New Weight Loss Operations Proposal in Cardiff and Vale

If the proposal is accepted by the Welsh health board obese people will have to complete a weight loss program before they can go ahead with operations.
Also the Cardiff and Vale University have requested that if accepted smokers should go on a similar program before they can have any operations.
It is thought that the board would have cut costs by £90 million had they began the proposal at the start of the year and would have broke even.
If the proposal was to go ahead it is thought that they could save between £41,941 to £437,650 a year by allowing this.
Andrew …

Shaving and Waxing could be one reason behind STI Warts

French experts say that shaving the pubic area can cause micro-trauma to the skin which increases the chances of a pox virus called Molluscum contagiosum.
The virus causes water warts, which are small pink bubbles which can break out over the body.
The virus can be spread by skin to skin contact thus sexual activity making the virus very likely to spread to the partner and over the last decade the virus has been on the rise.
The French Experts wanted to know if the virus was related to any pubic hair removal so they visited a private skin clinic in nice and and identified …

Boffins Warn Processed Meat can be Deadly

Bad news for you Bacon lovers a new study has suggested that too much of processed foods such as bacon, hot dogs and ham.
The Survey which was carried over Europe found that eating more that 20g of meat a day were increasing the risk of popping their clogs from “cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and ‘other causes of death”
The scientist surveyed 448,568 men and women between the age of 35 and 69 asking them to give information on their diet, if they smoke and physical activity along with their body mass index.
Red meat was also found to be very dangerous but it …

Man has Penis Rebuilt With Skin From his arm

Mohammed Abad, 40, had his penis ripped off along with one testicle in a tragic accident when he was just 6 years of age.
Mo was playing in the snow in Huddersfield in 1978 when he was accidentally pushed under a car and dragged 600ft down the road.
Amazingly Mo survived the accident but was told he would be unable to have kids but but doctors made him a tube using skin so he could urinate but he had no sexual function.
His parents never sat him down and talked to him about it although he did know that he could not have kids.
Mo said: …