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Charity Brings Back Premature Baby Home After 1 Year

A baby that was born after 23 weeks has been brought home by a charity called Grace on Wings after a long year in the hospital
Olive Rutkowski was born in Indiana and weighed less than just two pounds.
She got pneumonia in the first days of her entrance to the world and doctors predicted that her chances of survival were very slim.
Her father, Ben Rutkowski had this to say : ’Her lungs were very underdeveloped, and what little tiny lungs she had were mostly scar tissue,’
He then went on to add this ‘They really didn’t expect her to survive at all.  And it …

Best charity album yet

Top giants of the modern music industry have been working together to get a new charity album rolling, one song that one the song is Rhythms Del Mundo which was made when India was hit by tsunami in 2004.
The album this year is to make awareness of disaster relief and climate change, this is something ot look forward to in my opinion its good that major artist are coming together for charity  and doing something they love and know people will buy and support. Music is a the key to charity everyone loves it and is a big money sector.
Here …