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Chinese Mother Gives Birth to 13lbs 10oz Baby

A chinese women has given birth to a huge baby weighing 13lbs 10oz.
The baby actually weighs more than 6 bags of sugar.
The mother who is 27 years old suspects that her diet rich in milk, eggs and fruit may have led her to the birth of such a large baby. 

Two Soldiers Raise Money for Charity

Two soldiers from Morecambeare set to complete a simulated bike ride that will cover 500 miles. they will also have endure a simulated climb to raise money for the SSAFA Forces Help. Danny O’Donnell and Jay Wilcock are the two soldiers that will be taking on the challenge. Both are currently attending Morecambe High Schooland they are both from a team of 10 soldiers.
Danny said: “This is going to be an extremely hard challenge for me and my soldiers so I had to ensure I picked the fittest in the unit.”
Also Danny recently won a 40-mile ultramarathon challenge which may …

UK Charity set to Send out Dentists to Africa

The charity Bridge2Aid are set to send out dentists and will start their work in Rwanda where there are only 11 Qualified dentists.
The British dentists have already relieved hundreds from tooth ache and many other problems. They are now taking their expertise to central Africa where they have struggled to find hardly any dentists.
Not only are they helping those who are suffering from toothaches but they are providing training to people so that when they eventually leave the country they would have left  it knowing that people can still be treated for their teeth problems.