Deadly Ecstasy linked to Emma Speed and Rachel Clayton deaths


Both Rachel and Emma were found dead in a house on Crompton road in Macclesfield on 7 April and now Cheshire police say that their deaths may be related to some bad ecstasy that the two had taken.

Toxicology results found that both women had taken paramethoxyamphetamine which is also known as pink ecstasy.

The results mean that the police have warned drug users that they should avoid taking the ecstasy.

The pills which are also known as ‘Dr Death’ and ‘Pink McDonalds’ can be identified with an M stamped on them.

A spokeswoman said: “That although it resembled ecstasy, it is actually an amphetamine and “does not have the same effect or take effect as quickly.

“As a result, users may take more of them and consequently put themselves more at risk of a fatal overdose,”

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