Homemade Toothpaste Has More Advantages Than Disadvantages

There’s a hopeful trend today — a trend away from store-bought mystery items toward real, wholesale items with a short list of ingredients and no toxic chemicals. But is homemade toothpaste really necessary? Surely there are better things for most people to worry about than what kind of toothpaste they use.

Yet you put toothpaste in your mouth once or twice every day, and oral tissue can very easily absorb chemicals often present in commercial pastes like fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate and the toxic sweetener saccharin. Nothing is more important to overall health than a clean and healthy mouth, and nothing makes more difference than a good toothpaste.

In all, there are dozens of real advantages to toothpaste made at home, including:

- Better taste. You can control the taste of toothpaste you make at home with peppermint oil, cinnamon oil or other natural flavors.

- No chemicals. When you make it yourself, you control what’s in it.

- Greater effectiveness. You can adjust the recipe until you get the clean mouth feel and the level of abrasiveness you desire.

- Increased safety for children. Regular toothpaste has a warning on the label that it shouldn’t be swallowed, and children often swallow toothpaste.

- Quality control. Don’t trust a profit-driven corporation with the safety and effectiveness of your oral care products when you could make your own toothpaste and be sure it’s done right.

And what about the disadvantages? You have to buy a few things and spend a few minutes putting them together. But the simplest recipe contains only coconut oil, baking soda, an essential oil and the sweet antibacterial agent xylitol. To combine, simply mix together, then store in a clean jar of some kind.

What could be simpler than that? This simple recipe and the short list of ingredients makes the only disadvantage of homemade toothpaste seem like an advantage after all.


Reference: http://homemadetoothpaste.net

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