Man has Penis Rebuilt With Skin From his arm

Mohammed Abad, 40, had his penis ripped off along with one testicle in a tragic accident when he was just 6 years of age.

Mo was playing in the snow in Huddersfield in 1978 when he was accidentally pushed under a car and dragged 600ft down the road.

Amazingly Mo survived the accident but was told he would be unable to have kids but but doctors made him a tube using skin so he could urinate but he had no sexual function.

His parents never sat him down and talked to him about it although he did know that he could not have kids.

Mo said: “My parents never sat me down from a young age and said ‘when you were young you had an accident and we were told that you can’t have (kids)’, I’ve never been told that. I’ve had to find that out for myself.”

Mo has undergone the 1st of three operations to rebuild him a fully functioning penis. The first of which they have used skin from his arm and upon this they found a testicle that had been pushed up, this will be tested to see if it is still producing sperm. The following operations will bring back sensation and a pump so he can get erect when he is aroused.

Women Seen Holding her own Heart After Successful Transplant

A women is pictured holding her very own heart after having a transplant with a new one that is very healthy.

The women is unknown and only her first name has been revealed as penny.

The full details of the surgery have been left unknown but a friend name as Kelsey posted: “Penny is holding her own heart. She has survived cancer and crippling heart failure and never lost hope.”

“She’s my hero.”

Penny had wanted to take her heart home but strict policies did not allow her to do that how ever it was cremated and she got to keep the ashes.

Kelsey wrote: “She wanted to keep it but they wouldn’t let her! It had to be cremated but she kept the ashes.”

Study shows that one in ten will die in the first year after the transplant but after a year their chances of survival dramatically increase.