New project to improve birth registration

The EU has come up with new Project that will help 8 selected countries in Africa, pacific regions, Asian and Solomon islands. This is from UNICEF and European commission in simple form that the project seeks to address the under registration of births.

They bring this out they saw a statement saying that more than half of children that are under the age of 5 are not registered, but what made them stand up is that those who remain ‘off the records’ are left perpetually more vulnerable to a host of abuses – including child marriage and underage military recruitment.

If a child is not registered in their country it can have a serious effect in the life of a child, leaving them legally non-existent and preventing them from accessing relevant programs and services as they grow. Both the geographic and socio-economic situations of families repeatedly emerge as the two main factors fuelling the problem. Difficult access to civil registry services, the cost of registering a birth and long distances to registration centers are cited as obstacles. only round 36 % of births in rural areas are registered, compared to 61 % in urban areas.

If you would like more information on the project we will be doing or are happening right now check our project page.

UK Charity set to Send out Dentists to Africa

The charity Bridge2Aid are set to send out dentists and will start their work in Rwanda where there are only 11 Qualified dentists.

The British dentists have already relieved hundreds from tooth ache and many other problems. They are now taking their expertise to central Africa where they have struggled to find hardly any dentists.

Not only are they helping those who are suffering from toothaches but they are providing training to people so that when they eventually leave the country they would have left  it knowing that people can still be treated for their teeth problems.