Professor Sir Robert Edwards Dies Aged 87

The worlds first ever test tube baby Creator has died at a respectable age of 87.

The man responsible for the first ever IVF birth Professor Sir Robert Edwards was knighted in 2011 for his work.

The first ever test tube baby Louise Brown who the professors first creation said : “I have always regarded Robert Edwards as like a grandfather to me.

“His work, along with Patrick Steptoe, has brought happiness and joy to millions of people all over the world by enabling them to have children.

“I am glad that he lived long enough to be recognised with a Nobel prize for his work, and his legacy will live on with all the IVF work being carried out throughout the world.”

Mr. Edwards was once quoted saying: ”I’ll never forget the day I looked down the microscope and saw something funny in the cultures,

“I looked down the microscope and what I saw was a human blastocyst gazing up at me. I thought, ‘We’ve done it’.”

The professor is a great man who has given life to those who may have thought they would never be able to have a child of their own DNA but with his hard work millions of lives have been created.





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