Sudan getting new healthcare project from china

China Foundation for poverty alleviation and Sudanese charity organization BTO on Wednesday has announced a new healthcare network for the infants. There was a big ceremony with the great news which was held that the Sudanese ministry of health.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Luo Xiaoguang, for his part, said that “we say again that China will continue in supporting Sudan in all fields. This is an optimistic and important step for persistence of cooperation between the Sudanese and Chinese organizations, namely at the health and medical fields.”

China-Sudan maternity and infant healthcare hospital atAbuousher in Sudan’s Gezira State is the first cooperation flanked by the CFPA and the Sudanese BTO which operates in field of motherhood and infant healthcare.

The new hospital will hold 40 beds and will cost the two countries $20 million the money will be divided by CFPA paying 80% and BTO paying 20%. if you would like to find out more information on what regions we or any other charity is working on go to our region page.

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